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  1. ponzi02
    3/28/2015, 12:42 pm
    Message by ponzi02 - Retranslate your project into Vietnamese

    I'm Chi from Ponzi team in Vietnam.

    I want to ask for your permission to restranslate "Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai" into Vietnamese.

    We will respect your work, keep all the credit and link to your forum so that people will know where to find the English vesion.

    Thank you so much for reading. Hope you will reply me soon.

  2. avatar
    12/14/2012, 12:06 pm
    Message by Zephire - retranslation demand

    I'd like to ask a question. I'm one of the administrator of a French team name Michi Yujo (

    I wonder if it's possible to have your permission to use your translation of "Ginzatoushi to Kuro no Yousei – Sugar Apple Fairytale" by Yukimura Alto and Mikawa Miri for a retranslation in French Language, if you haven't granted it to another team.

    We'll respect all your work, so, we'll never use it without your permission. Naturally, we shall not forget to respect all your rules if your permission is granted.

    Thank you so much for your answer,

    Best regards,

  3. aoneko
    12/12/2012, 10:20 am
    Message by aoneko - Ohaiyo
    Ohaiyo Mizuouji-senpai,
    bow hello
    can I apply for typesetter job.I've already talk to Svelyn-chan,she said that she already talk to senpai about me.
    these were the tests that I did:- download.php?bqcxtk6vaiaay03 download.php?mo6tgt1td4tubma download.php?48enutje4b13v6z download.php?rl8y7cd747o21eu

    Thank you for your time >_<
  4. hana0yuki
    5/27/2012, 1:46 am
    Message by hana0yuki - Rescanlate your project into Vietnamese
    Scanlation Name: Aquarium
    Project: The repair of flowernoid, Satsuki's sky, It vorspiel
    Language: Vietnamese
  5. mangawaka
    5/3/2012, 7:13 am
    Message by mangawaka - oops!
    sorry ^_^"
  6. mangawaka
    5/3/2012, 7:09 am
    Message by mangawaka - spin-off
    Satsuki's Sky
  7. avatar
    4/26/2012, 4:58 am
    Message by SaKuRaH - NOT REALLY CLEANED download.php?lgpbwbex434h4xe

    sorry i couldn't concentrate much on cleaning it....

    SOOORRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Visitor messages - Mizuouji 4092969919
  8. avatar
    4/26/2012, 3:22 am
    Message by SaKuRaH - PLEASE!!!
    mizu-chi, i can only finish a few of them please pass this to historic-chan

    Visitor messages - Mizuouji 1737133198

    and by the way i can't visit you guyz for a while...but i promise to help you guys out as soon as possible.....

    i'm really soory for the trouble....

    Visitor messages - Mizuouji 4092969919 Visitor messages - Mizuouji 2000130356
  9. avatar
    3/31/2012, 8:06 pm
    Message by Redberry - :...
    I finally managed to register)
    The site is just gorgeous!!
    the site I can see, the Chinese do not know, but it'll look)
    I can send code to another banner, it is smaller than the one installed.

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