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About recycled characters...

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About recycled characters...

Post by Mizuouji on 4/28/2012, 1:36 am

I wouldn't expect Roku-sensei to make another SoraSuki series, even if it would be freaking awesome. ;^;

I have never been fan of recycled characters. Sorry for CLAMP lovers, but NO. Just no. If you're an artist. Respect yourself and stop recycling characters again and again. Give them a good story. A good ending. If you make a good ending for a character, you don't need to use it again! You won't need it, because the conclusion was good.

But, the thing is different with Sakura Roku. She didn't just "put the same characters" on another story. She completly re-invented them. The Sora of Flowernoid and the Sora of Satsuki's Sky are completely different, even if they share the "Blue Rose" mark and the love of their respective Satsukis. The Maka is adorkable boy that only wants to have friends... Flowernoid's is a sadist that enjoys tying up his master as birthday gift and trolling her to no end...

The same for both Satsukis... The hero is badass, cool and collected hitman that eats maka for breakfast (quite literally), the repairman instead has severous mom issues... and an extreme fear of people... I just hope her flowernoid helps her to get it over...

Even if the demographics are quite different (Satsuki no sora is a shonen and The repair of flowernoid a shojo), I really enjoyed (and enjoy, this is not over guys!) working on both.

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